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Nesskip is a shipping company, focused on bulk shipping, shipbroking and agency services. Nesskip prides itself on providing the best possible service on all its levels and Nesskips employees are all highly trained professionals.

Historically pumice, fishmeal and oil transport have been in integral part of Nesskips operations. However along with scrap export, Nesskip has increased its export of other cargoes, such as fertilizer and grain. At the same time Nesskip has had added shipbroking and ship agency to its portfolio and these new aspects have cemented Nesskips position as one of Iceland’s leaders in the shipping industry.

Nesskip was founded on the 27th of January 1974 and has therefore more than forty years of experience dealing with ships in Icelandic circumstances. In 2006 Nesskip was bought by Wilson ASA and has since then had access to Wilsons fleet, which numbers some 120 vessels. Today Nesskip has eight employees.

Nesskip er leiðandi aðili í umboðsþjónustu við erlend skip sem hafa viðkomu á Íslandi