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Nesskip — Your ship agency in Iceland

Do you need a ship agent in Iceland? Have you never conducted business with a ship agency?

You don‘t have to look any further.

Over the years, the Nesskip port agency has developed a reputation as a leading and the most professional ship agency in Iceland.

Our company offers reliable nationwide 24-hour ship agency anywhere in Iceland, including service as a ship agent in Iceland for tankers and other large vessels.

Every year, Nesskip port agency and ship agency delivers quality service to hundreds of vessels all over Iceland. All the Nesskip staff is quite experienced and our ship agents are highly qualified professionals. Our attending agents have extensive experience in serving the industry in Iceland, together with having maritime educational background.

Nesskip offers ship agency services in Iceland for:
  • All types of cargo vessels
  • General ship agency in Iceland
  • Dry bulk vessels
  • Tankers and other large vessels
  • Reefer vessels
  • Cruise liners
  • Cement carriers
  • Research- and foreign deep sea fishing vessels
  • Bulk ships
  • Ship agency in Iceland for particular needs

The Nesskip ship agency arranges services for all maritime requirements that you might require regarding port agency and ship agency. Our services include, but are not limited to, technical and repair services, crew changes, communication with customs, specialized ship agency, immigration and other authorities, bunkering, sludge removal, clearance of spares and supply of bonded stores and provisions as required.

If you need a trustworthy ship agency in Iceland, please contact us and see if we can be of service.

Nesskip er leiðandi aðili í umboðsþjónustu við erlend skip sem hafa viðkomu á Íslandi