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Nesskip ltd. established

Nesskip ltd. was founded as a shipping company on 27th of January 1974, by a group of individuals interested in shipping and bulk transport. Guðmundur Ásgeirsson lead this group and served as CEO of Nesskip for years to come.

First vessels

Nesskips first vessel was a bulk carrier, bought on the first of February in 1974 and it was given the name Suðurland. One year later was the vessel changed into a reefer for the purposes of transporting salted cod to the Mediterranean. Nesskips second vessel was bought in 1976 and was given the name Vesturland. Its main purpose was to transport fishmeal from Iceland and construction products to it. The third vessel of Nesskip was bought in 1977 and was given the name of Ísnes. Two years later Nesskip bought its fourth vessel, which was given the name Selnes. Both of these vessels were specialized bulk carriers. Nesskips fifth vessel was bought in 1981 and was called Akranes. Its capacity was about 7.500 metric tons and was at that time the largest commercial vessel in Iceland. With the inclusion of Akranes Nesskip manged to increase its influence and capacity drastically. In 1985 Akranes was the first vessel to sail around the globe in one trip under an Icelandic flag.

Increased influence

When the alloy factory (Icelandic Alloys) was established in Grundartangi in 1974, the activity of Nesskip increased considerably following Nesskip being awarded a contract carrying most of their raw materials and products. The cooperation between Icelandic Alloys, which has now been replaced by Elkem Iceland, and Nesskip has been fruitful throughout the years with Nesskip still transports most of their cargo

Changes of shareholders

In 2006 considerable changes took place with Nesskips ownership, when one of the companys biggest cooperators, Wilson ASA, bough the majority of shares in Nesskip. Following the Wilson ownership the Nesskip fleet of vessels was fully integrated into the Wilson fleet which consists of over one hundred and twenty ships. Nesskip uses vessels from Wilsons fleet for bulk transport, to and from Iceland.

New offering

Transportation of pumice, salt, fishmeal and fish oil have always formed a big part of Nesskip´s activity in Iceland, together with the Elkem Island transport. Exports of scrap cargo´s have increased in recent years as well as transportation grain and fertilizer.
The operations of the company have gradually increased throughout the years with Nesskip being a leading company in Iceland in ship broking, ship agency and consultancy.



Nesskip er leiðandi aðili í umboðsþjónustu við erlend skip sem hafa viðkomu á Íslandi